Hua Hin Today – a fraudsters cover

All over the world it’s well known that fraudsters use various PR tricks in order to make themselves look better and further to try to bury negative information about themselves.

George Mastronikolis understood this early on and started Hua Hin Today newspaper as early as 2003 in order to legitimize his career as a fraudster. Owning the local newspaper you are sure to be seen in the right circles around town and you can also control what and how things are published.

Looking at Hua Hin Today at present time we can easily see 2 things:

  1. It is a free marketing tool for his various businesses, that advertisers pay for.
  2. It is a way to bury negative stories on internet associated with his name.

During the fall of 2018, George instructed his staff at Hua Hin Today to insert his name into various articles in an attemtp to have his name rank higher in Google and thus bury other sites (like Andrew Drummond’s blog and this site) that is ranking for his name and in various combinations with the words fraud and scam

For instance, below are a few examples of both marketing tactics and inserting his own name into articles in order to try and outrank other websites for Google searches including his name:

The below photo is of the front page of Hua Hin Today’s website. As you can see, no less than 4 of his own businesses are visible on the front page:

  • Corner 112
  • Lotus Villas
  • Greek Taverna

and which is the 4th…?

Well we have received information that George has bought a license from eatigo, which is a reastaurant booking site (or he has bought a cloned script with the same functionality, unconfirmed at the moment)

So the 4th business can be seen in the top right corner, called “eatsaves“. It doesn’t seem to work yet as there are only links to facebook pages today.

So it seems George Mastronikolis spends money on his various new businesses and his own comfortable living, but never has any money to repay the buyers who he has scammed. It is indeed a good day in Paradise.


New criminal case filed

A new criminal case has been filed in Hua Hin court against 3 defendants. Among the 3 defendants are: George Mastronikolis and BL Lifestyle co., ltd. The latter is a company controlled by George and used for various purposes at Black Lotus resort / Lotus Villas.

The case is lodged as check fraud and the amount filed for is 5.000.000 THB (five million)

Case number 317/62
Hearing 10th of June 2019

George living a comfortable life – but whose money is it?

New Criminal case against George Mastronikolis

A civil and criminal case is ongoing in the court of Hua Hin. Plaintiff is a foreigner with a thai wife and defendant is among others George Mastronikolis. The plaintiff alleges that George Mastronikolis has taken money in the amount of approximately 5.3m THB (of a total sales price around 5.6m THB) and has failed to deliver a finished house and has failed to transfer the land to the plaintiff.

Infact, looking at photos that has been sent to us, it seems the house is 50% finished and the title deeds shows that the land has been sold three (3!) times after the contract was signed between George Mastronikolis and the plaintiff. Not once has the plaintiff been told about these sales and today noone seems to know who the owner of the land is.

The other defendants in the case are a thai company and another Hua Hin local who has been dragged into the case as George Mastronikolis has used this company to sign sales contracts through and received money into the bank accounts despite not being a shareholder, director or employee of the company. However George Mastronikoli’s girlfriend was a director at the time and has withdrawn the money from the bank accounts and later resigned as the director and left the company, leaving another person the sole director of the company to take the blame for the fraud.

Rumours are spreading that George used the money from the plaintiff to start his new restaurant called “Corner 112”, located on Petkasem soi 112, next to 7/11.

Corner 112 opened shortly after plintiff paid for his house

Trial in Hua Hin court
14-16th of May 2019

Lotus Penthouses Phase II Fraud

We have been contacted by several people stating that they have paid deposits for Lotus Development’s “Penthouses Phase II”. This development should have been finished by September 2015, but as of today, 21st of March 2019, the construction has not even started. People have also pointed out that the original masterplan has now been changed and there is no plan on even making the second phase of the Penthouses.

Below you can see the original Masterplan with the Penthouses Phase II in the bottom left corner along the water features (marked in yellow)

Several of these Penthouses has been sold and deposits have been paid to George Mastronikolis, but various excuses for over 4 years have been given as to why the development never starts.

The below is the new Masterplan for the development and the majority of Penthouses phase II doesn’t exist anymore leaving several buyers still wondering what happened to their money…

Concerned customer emailing Lotus Villas and George Mastronikolis

Warning about Arbitration/mediation

Just a quick warning about George Mastronikolis and his tactics when it comes to lawsuits.

He always knows that a case will go to arbitration/mediation and he will agree to a payment plan that the client comes up with. It may be to pay 10.000/month or maybe 1m/year.

However, in the end he will never pay. George has atleast 60m Thai Baht in debt through various cases that he never pays anything on. This is from getting information from previous buyers who have contacted us. The number may be much higher!

Further he put all his assets, companies and items in the name of his girlfriend, his children and his secretary K Oey. So for a civil lawsuit and mediation, it is doomed to fail as there are no assets to take.

The only way to win against George Mastronikolis is through criminal cases based on fraud.

Contact the consumer protection board and let them also file a civil case. The more cases through the consumer protection board, the more pressure there will be from officials in Bangkok to do something about this fraudster.

Something to try is also contacting DSI in Bangkok as they have more power than local authority in Hua Hin.

George Mastronikolis

George Mastronikolis court cases

George has over the years racked up a significant amount of court cases against him. In Hua Hin there are at least 15 civil and criminal cases against him and in labor court in Prachuap Khirikhan about the same amount for various offenses regarding wrongful dismissal of staff and non paying of salaries.

Rumours now has it there is a new criminal case against him for fraud where he has sold land he does not own and he has failed to complete the house construction and failed to transfer the land. Court date to be updated later.

Below are a few of the court cases in Hua Hin.

Case 49/2550
Case 863/2559

Civil 25/59
Civil 58/60
Civil 426/60
Civil 427/60
Civil 603/58 – Default on contract of buy and sell property
Civil 640/59
Civil 862/59
Civil 808/60
Civil 2355/60
Civil 1761/61
Civil 1870/61

Criminal 539/58
Criminal 658/59 – Case for 50m THB
Criminal 954/60 – Check fraud
Criminal 569/61
Criminal 1479/61 – Criminal fraud
Criminal 317/62


Court case regarding failure to pay interest on loan with land as collateral

Court case regarding default on payment of 50.000.000THB to a previous partner