Lotus Senior Residence Hua Hin

Where dreams turn to nightmares and emotional headache

George Mastronikolis has again reinvented himself. Now he wants to take care of your parents when they get old. Would you trust this man, who never in his life has provided anything in an honest matter or with quality, to take care of your parents?

Constantly cheating customers, cheating staff, cheating banks, cheating partners, building houses with poor quality, now wants to make you believe he is the right person to provide a place for seniors to live their golden years.

George is writing on the website that the new apartments are handicap friendly.. How is a 2 story house without an elevator handicap friendly?

Further he is giving false information on his website stating that foreigners cannot own property in Thailand and they have to sign leases of 30+30+30, which is both against the law and has been ruled in court on already to not be enforceable. But then again, you can never rely on getting the correct or true information from this man.

Buyer beware

George offering leases that are not enforceable and against the law

For more info: https://www.seniorresidencethailand.com


New Case lodged against George Mastronikolis

Another case has been filed with the court where the plaintiff is Kasikorn Bank PLC and the defendant is George Mastronikolis.

The case has been lodged for an unpaid debt of 1.200.000 THB and is most probably a credit card debt.

As usual George Mastronikolis likes to use other people/companies money to live off and does not like to pay anything back.

Failure to repay a debt to a bank can very well land you in jail. We will keep monitoring this case

Arrest Warrant for George Mastronikolis

Last week we were notified of an arrest warrant against George Mastronikolis. We have been trying to verify this information but we have not received official information as of yet. However this arrest warrant is supposed to be in connection with a criminal case we wrote about earlier for a bounced check of 5.000.000 and where the parties were going to meet in court on the 10th of June and George Mastronikolis failed to show up. As soon as we have more news regarding this we will put the information up here.

George Mastronikolis doesn’t like companies not paying back money

It seems George has created a few new fake facebook accounts with his name and later renamed his real account as below. We found a hillarious post made by George where it seems he doesn’t like to be treated the way he treats his own customers. Poor George has lost $200 in phone charges.

Wonder what George’s customers have lost…

Hua Hin Today – a fraudsters cover

All over the world it’s well known that fraudsters use various PR tricks in order to make themselves look better and further to try to bury negative information about themselves.

George Mastronikolis understood this early on and started Hua Hin Today newspaper as early as 2003 in order to legitimize his career as a fraudster. Owning the local newspaper you are sure to be seen in the right circles around town and you can also control what and how things are published.

Looking at Hua Hin Today at present time we can easily see 2 things:

  1. It is a free marketing tool for his various businesses, that advertisers pay for.
  2. It is a way to bury negative stories on internet associated with his name.

During the fall of 2018, George instructed his staff at Hua Hin Today to insert his name into various articles in an attemtp to have his name rank higher in Google and thus bury other sites (like Andrew Drummond’s blog and this site) that is ranking for his name and in various combinations with the words fraud and scam

For instance, below are a few examples of both marketing tactics and inserting his own name into articles in order to try and outrank other websites for Google searches including his name:

The below photo is of the front page of Hua Hin Today’s website. As you can see, no less than 4 of his own businesses are visible on the front page:

  • Corner 112
  • Lotus Villas
  • Greek Taverna

and which is the 4th…?

Well we have received information that George has bought a license from eatigo, which is a reastaurant booking site (or he has bought a cloned script with the same functionality, unconfirmed at the moment)

So the 4th business can be seen in the top right corner, called “eatsaves“. It doesn’t seem to work yet as there are only links to facebook pages today.

So it seems George Mastronikolis spends money on his various new businesses and his own comfortable living, but never has any money to repay the buyers who he has scammed. It is indeed a good day in Paradise.

New criminal case filed

A new criminal case has been filed in Hua Hin court against 3 defendants. Among the 3 defendants are: George Mastronikolis and BL Lifestyle co., ltd. The latter is a company controlled by George and used for various purposes at Black Lotus resort / Lotus Villas.

The case is lodged as check fraud and the amount filed for is 5.000.000 THB (five million)

Case number 317/62
Hearing 10th of June 2019

George living a comfortable life – but whose money is it?