George Mastronikolis sentenced to jail

Finally some justice for people who has been scammed by George.
A couple of weeks ago, George Mastronikolis and his secretary known as K Oey, have both been sentenced to jail by the Hua Hin court.
Both are, however, released on bail, pending appeal.

The case that finally brought George down is between George and his former partner at Black Lotus/Greenscape

Word in town is that George has not been worried about his incarceration as he thinks he can use his old connections to get out. However it seems the winds have changed for the Greek property magnate and he has made a few enemies instead, trying to use his former Royal Palace connections to his advantage.

We have also received emails telling us that more criminal cases are being prepared against George.

George Mastronikoli's time may be up

There issome good news out there at the moment. More cases are being lodged against the scoundrel and scammer George Mastronikolis and it seems officials in Hua Hin are finally starting to catch up on what is going on.

This previous week we were informed that George had 2 appointments for different cases at the local prosecutor’s office in Hua Hin, but he did not bother to show up. The chief prosecutor of Hua Hin has said that he will talk to immigration regarding George’s all cases as everyone who does business with him ends up having issues.

As soon as we have further info on any of the above we will let you know.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact the chief or assistant prosecutor of Hua Hin as they are eager to collect further information about wrongdoings by George Mastronikolis and his cohorts.
Their office can be found at Hua Hin soi 2 (opposite Hua Hin Airport), about 200m down on the right hand side.

An embarrassment to Thailand and Thai immigration

As previously written, George Mastronikolis is clearly mocking the rule of law and the courts in Thailand as he time after time either manages to postpone, get the complaints withdrawn by accepting judgment or just accepts to pay (guilty) but never pays in the end.

One can just wonder with so many criminal and civil cases on his wrap-sheet, who is protecting him from deportation? Surely if another “normal” foreigner had these many cases, they would have been deported long time ago‚Ķ

As could be read in February 2019, a French woman was deported after having been caught holding an e-cigarette in Phuket.
Also in 2019 a new law was proposed for death sentence to those who take selfies on the beach at Mai Kao, Phuket, where the Phuket runway is.

These are just 2 examples of ridiculous knee jerk reactions to small issues.

However when a foreigner, for 15 years, is cheating and scamming both foreigners and locals and further, mocking the justice system in Thailand, he is allowed to stay without consequences. With more than 20 cases in court one would think he would be a prime target for deportation and for the Thai authorities to show that this type of behavior is not tolerated in Thailand.

One can just wonder what it cost every year in bribes to local officers in Hua Hin.

Lotus Senior Residence Hua Hin

A complete RIP-OFF of several other websites.

Looking at the text “written” by George Mastronikolis on his new website “Senior Residence Thailand“, you can see that most of the text is stolen straight from reputable websites already existing. Below you can clearly see how George has stolen most of his content and put it up as his own website. A few samples (stolen content highlighted)

On the website we can also see (again) that George is offering rental guarantees of 6% p.a. which he has done in the past as well. The issue is that he never pays this rental guarantee. In the past he has gone as far as filing bogus police reports, blaming staff for stealing money from the company and thus being unable to deliver on the rental guarantees (as reported to us by buyers of previous properties).

George Mastronikolis mocking court and plaintiffs

Last week we sent a local contact to check the status of a few cases against Geroge Mastronikolis.

Geroge Mastronikolis continues to play games with the Thai courts as clearly demonstrated in the case brought against him for failure to finish the construction of a house and transfer of land.

Plaintiff filed criminal and civil cases against George and the parties appeared in court in May. The court ordered George Mastronikolis to finalize the house and transfer the land to the plaintiff in 2 months time. The 2 months time has passed and the house has still not been finalized and the land has not been transferred to the plaintiff.
Plaintiff has no other option than go back to court and file charges again.

In the criminal case regarding check fraud, the parties met in court on the 18th of July but again George Mastronikolis came up with reasons to get the case postponed and next appearance will be in October 2019. We did hear that George had to spend one night in court jail as he failed to pay bail. But this has not been confirmed.

We will try and keep everyone updated on the progress in these cases

Lotus Senior Residence Hua Hin

Where dreams turn to nightmares and emotional headache

George Mastronikolis has again reinvented himself. Now he wants to take care of your parents when they get old. Would you trust this man, who never in his life has provided anything in an honest matter or with quality, to take care of your parents?

Constantly cheating customers, cheating staff, cheating banks, cheating partners, building houses with poor quality, now wants to make you believe he is the right person to provide a place for seniors to live their golden years.

George is writing on the website that the new apartments are handicap friendly.. How is a 2 story house without an elevator handicap friendly?

Further he is giving false information on his website stating that foreigners cannot own property in Thailand and they have to sign leases of 30+30+30, which is both against the law and has been ruled in court on already to not be enforceable. But then again, you can never rely on getting the correct or true information from this man.

Buyer beware

George offering leases that are not enforceable and against the law

For more info:

New Case lodged against George Mastronikolis

Another case has been filed with the court where the plaintiff is Kasikorn Bank PLC and the defendant is George Mastronikolis.

The case has been lodged for an unpaid debt of 1.200.000 THB and is most probably a credit card debt.

As usual George Mastronikolis likes to use other people/companies money to live off and does not like to pay anything back.

Failure to repay a debt to a bank can very well land you in jail. We will keep monitoring this case